Advantages of Renting a Generator

Low Maintenance and Downtime: When you rent a generator, you have less to worry about since the generators are certified and well-maintained. If you own the generators, you would need to take on the additional responsibility of servicing them, and you’d have to hire skilled technicians, which could increase your labor costs.

Cost Savings: Saving money is one of the most significant benefits of renting a generator, as it is more affordable compared to buying one. If your need for a generator is only temporary or for a short-term event, renting becomes a cost-effective option. The saved money can also be utilized for maintenance, storage, and transport of the generator. Generators require maintenance even when not in use, so the money saved by renting can be directed towards other projects without worrying about their scale.

Flexibility for Any Job, Any Size: One of the key advantages of renting a generator is the flexibility it offers in terms of size and output. Power equipment rentals can be tailored to suit your specific project requirements, and professionals can assist you in selecting the perfect generator for your needs. Renting allows you to take on seasonal, temporary, or specialized work at your job site.

Field Services: Generator rentals provide on-site support, delivering the generator directly to your location, regardless of where it is. The rental service can also provide generator service technicians to ensure smooth installation and meet all your power distribution needs. Renting a generator ensures compliance with local laws and regulations, such as emission standards and noise regulations, which can be particularly stringent in certain regions. The cost savings from renting extend to the deployment of the generator.

Appropriate Warranty and Insurance Coverage: When renting a generator, you won’t have to bear the cost of insurance or warranty, as rentals typically include renter’s insurance that covers your operations. This protection comes in handy in case of malfunctions or emergencies. Renting also reduces paperwork since you won’t need to increase insurance coverage on your job site or file additional documentation. Factory-certified technicians can quickly replace damaged equipment, eliminating the wait for insurance replacements and simplifying the process through a call to your service provider. While it may not protect against misuse, the overall cost remains lower compared to outright owning the generator and facing loss replacements.

Flexibility in Time and Need: Renting a generator is a wise choice when your business requirements might change in the future. As new opportunities arise unexpectedly, renting allows you to swiftly switch to a different generator type and service, ensuring that your power generation always aligns with demand. Renting grants you the flexibility to use a single piece of equipment for a day or several months, and you can easily adjust job schedules and agreements to accommodate changes. Additionally, if the local utility provides power to your site earlier than expected, renting allows you to adapt without the hassle of purchasing or shifting equipment and services – simply arrange a pickup and drop-off time with your rental partner.